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Too cute

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I’m gonna say that I’m ‘cat woman,’ because saying ‘cat lady’ makes me sound 500 years old.

So that would make Katherine the cat lady since she is 500?

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dalaric + smiling at each other

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"Which cast member is the one you’re closest to?" [x]

This is gold

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Photo 5 Jul 2,487 notes I love his mouth.

I love his mouth.

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"Mr. Saltzman…what is your secret? Guardian angel or did you sell your soul to the devil?"
”..a little of both.”

He’s so hawt and I’m so glad times a million he’s back.

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Dalaric 3x22 / Denzo 5x10 parallel

Aw damn

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Family doesn’t end with blood.

Breaks my heart

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I love this man and I also have a love for stacking CDs.

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