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logierawrmartha asked

Jenna + Alaric

"I tried to protect you from all this, but I should have known you could handle it.

"Can I?

"Well, you just did."

Lucky bitch.

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make me choose
clockwork111 asked: Alaric Saltzman or Caroline Forbes

Bring him back damn it Enzo sucks

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I miss you too, buddy.

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Never let them take the light behind your eyes

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Make Me Choose | badwolvestardis asked: The Doctor’s Daughter or The Doctor’s Wife

Fave ep with Matt Smith besides 11th hour.

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Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

Jesus look at that body. Hmph.

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the pain in his eyes

My thoughts exactly


the pain in his eyes

My thoughts exactly

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Grizzly bear cub ft. wolf pup

A baby bear.

Playing with a baby wolf.

I repeat:

A baby bear.



A baby wolf.

I think I just died with how adorable this is

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